Gravure – AniCAM with Gravure QC and CMS

Knowing the condition of the Cylinders for Gravure printers has been proven to save considerable press setup time and reduce waste which inevitably increases profitability.

The AniCAM Gravure QC was developed for gravure printers where management of, and quality control of, the cylinders is desired.  In particular for in house recording of cylinder data, condition during use and to enable financial planning for refurbishment or replacement.  Used during the manufacturing process for quality control the AniCAM with Gravure QC and CMS can ensure correct opening, depth and volume preventing inconsistencies across the cylinder.  

For Printers knowing the condition and wear of each cylinder in the inventory enables the printer to schedule for refurbishment or replacement, helping to provide better delta’s and consequently less press set up time and less waste. 

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