FlexoPlate QC Options

Hardware Options

12 V Lithium Battery Pack

The AniCAM Battery Pack is an intelligent power management system designed specifically for use with the Troika range of 3D measurement units.

The Battery Pack frees the system from the necessity of a permanent connection to an external power supply during readings.


X & Y Axis Micro Adjusters for improved AniCAM positioning

The X/Y Micro Adjusters have been developed to allow users to move the AniCAM analysis head laterally up to 10mm (+/-5mm) along the x-axis and across the y-axis for an exact axial positioning of the camera.


Platelet Kit

30 g bottle of Troika PlateLet powder to minimise reflections on shiny plates/sleeves.
Includes material safety data sheet and a 50mm brush.



To find out more about Troika AniCAM and options please email sales@troika-systems.com or call +44 (0) 1793 766355