Why Use A 3D Microscope And Analysis Software System For Flexographic Or Gravure Printing?

3D analysis software systems are designed to help optimise the printing process by providing users with tools to measure, analyse and manage their anilox or gravure roller stock. They can also help to identify and correct potential printing issues.

Troika Systems specialise in 2D and 3D scanning microscopes for the printing industry. We’re proud to have set new standards for quality assurance in the printing, embossing and coating markets.

Here are just a few reasons to use our 3D Microscope and analysis software systems for your flexographic printing:

Quality control. Understanding the exact volumetric measurements of your Anilox or Gravure roller is critical to establishing a first-time make-ready setup. Wear and tear, roller damage, or cleanliness issues can only be assessed with a 3D microscope.

Cost savings. Achieving high rates of first-time make-ready significantly reduces your make ready ink and substrate waste by as much as 55%.

Planned Maintenance. By measuring and tracking ongoing wear and tear on your anilox or gravure rollers, you can confidently plan and schedule maintenance or replacement stock.

Meet your sustainability goals and reduce levels of waste. Using Anilox QC, you not only increase your profitability, but with significant reductions in make-ready waste it helps you to achieve your sustainability goals.

Optimisation of print settings. 3D analysis of your roller stock can help users optimise their print settings by providing insights into the impact of different settings on the final print quality and significantly improve first time ready setup rates.

Overall, our hardware and software systems greatly improve the efficiency and affordability of the printing process. They can prove to be an essential tool for anyone involved in this field.

For more information on our software products, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.