Need To Buy A Microscope To Examine Your Anilox Rolls Or Gravure Cylinders?

Looking closely at the condition of your anilox rolls using a microscope offers a number of advantages, including making your set-up time much quicker. 

It can also reduce levels of waste during the printing process, making it much more sustainable and cost-effective in the long-term. It’s no secret that the printing industry produces large amounts of both paper and ink waste.

Clean anilox rolls will reduce substrate waste, along with ensuring the quality of every label or package printed. Troika Systems has developed 2D and 3D technology to make this process much quicker and easier. Our scanning microscopes are used throughout the printing, embossing and coating markets.

Why buy our award-winning microscope system for your anilox rolls?

We’ve helped companies throughout the global print industry to significantly reduce their manufacturing costs. A global leader in the flexible packaging industry has improved their first time ready setup rate from 60% to 90% by using the Troika Anicam. Another of our valued customers has reported a 55% reduction in their ink waste as well as a 29 hour per month saving in make ready setup times.

With our quality control solutions, you can improve the performance of your flexographic and gravure printing processes. 

Using a microscope provides a fast and accurate method of inspecting this part of your printing press on-site. You’ll be able to detect roller wear and damage early on by accurately measuring the cell depth, wear and contamination.

Extremely easy to use, AniCAM HD includes a microscope that can analyse all aspects of the current condition of an anilox or gravure cylinder.

For more information on our scanning microscopes for anilox rolls, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.