Looking For The Best Scanning Microscopes For Sale?

The need to improve sustainability in the print industry has never been more important.

This sector faces many challenges, and not just the use of abundant amounts of paper which leads to deforestation. Ink waste is another big problem for packaging printers. Not only is ink waste expensive, but disposal of most inks have environmental impacts).

Ideal for use with flexographic and gravure printing, our scanning microscopes are perfect for companies looking to reduce waste and improve productivity during the printing process.

You can easily detect any cleaning issues, ink plugging, damaged rollers, incorrectly specified rollers, as well as accurately graph the ongoing wear and tear of your rollers and maintain the highest levels of quality control at all times.

Offering unbeatable levels of accuracy, Troika have several award-winning scanning microscopes for sale, including the AniCAM , which is estimated to save the print industry in excess of 1 billion meters of make ready waste per year.

Our scanning microscope, the AniCAM HD, is used for the inspection of Anilox rolls, Gravure Cylinders and Flexoplates. Extremely easy to use, it takes only 30 seconds to get an automatic 3D scan, which includes all geometric measurements and rotatable 3D View for visual inspection.

If you’re looking for 2D and 3D scanning microscopes for sale, discover more about our range or contact our friendly team for more information.