2D and 3D Analysis For Printing, Embossing and Coating

Looking for the best 3D scanning tools to provide unbeatable analysis and improve your sustainability?

Many companies would be surprised by how much money is wasted on the improper management of their printing process. By using scanning microscopes, you can look closer at a wide range of elements that can be used to improve quality control.

Knowing the true condition of your Anilox and Gravure rollers is proven to save both press set-up time and reduce waste, therefore improving your profitability.

Leading the way in the development of 2D and 3D scanning microscopes, Troika Systems works with flexographic and gravure printing companies all over the world. Delivering exceptional results, they improve your print process whilst reducing your company’s environmental impact.

Increase your productivity with microscopes for in-depth analysis and measurements.

Our microscopes are state-of-the-art 3D scanning tools and are made to measure all elements of Anilox, Gravure cylinders and Flexo plates.

Scanners with proven accuracy and repeatability.

Our 2D and 3D scanning microscopes are brilliant for reducing levels of ink wastage and provide you with up to 15% of make ready waste savings. They will lower the price of disposal costs, thanks to reducing ink change over time.

Solutions include the AniCAM HD which has the potential to save the print industry in excess of 1 billion meters of make ready waste per year.

Find out more about our 2d and 3D analysis tools for printing, or contact our team for more information.