The Cylinder Management System (CMS)

An optional database application is available to build cylinder wear history based on cylinder measurements on an ongoing basis. This option helps identify wear limits to prevent early re-engraving, or late pulling of the cylinder due to excessive wear.

Every time a cylinder is measured the data is transferred into the CMS database, which can then provide reports giving detailed information on the condition of each cylinder in the entire printer’s inventory.


Download the CMS Brochure here



Wear of the cylinders can be monitored numerically and graphically at relevant points in a cylinder’s life. Every job is entered with its job name; its cylinders subsequently have their own unique ID, screen count, date received and all measurement details.




Special Reports

The user can specify additional special reports. For example, comparison reports for before and after cleaning readings.




Calibration, Maintenance and Technical Service Support Packages


Troika Systems provide a range of online and offline support packages for its customers, as well as a volume calibration service. For more information, please complete the technical support enquiry form.