Troika Reaches Commercial Milestone with 700th Sale of Quality Control Technology

Leading print quality control systems company, Troika Systems Ltd, has ended 2015 on a high, selling its 700th AniCAM 3D scanning microscope.

The AniCAM 3D scanning microscope and its associated QC applications has set new standards in the measuring of anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and flexographic plates, with a solution that ensures the rolls, cylinders or plates are in optimum condition to minimise waste and improve production efficiencies.

Managing director at Troika Systems, Phil Hall, said: “The AniCAM solution has really come into its own in the global print market. It has proven that anilox and gravure cylinder management, when monitored regularly, helps ensure consistency is maintained throughout the print process. As a result, the printer is in greater control, productivity increases and waste is reduced.

“Customer feedback from around the world is consistent; the saving for our end users is many thousands of Euros per press per month, as well as delivering capacity increases, both of which are critical to an extremely competitive marketplace.”

Troika Systems understands that quality, volume and wear of the anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and flexo plates cannot be underestimated. The AniCAM is a quality control tool, which can be used to take single or multiple readings across a cylinder or plate at regular intervals. The data collected then helps to reduce waste and improve quality in subsequent print runs.

The solutions offered by Troika step up to the ever-increasing demands of brand owners and retailers, whilst reducing their costs, in an industry where print specifications are getting ever tighter.