SurfaceCAM calibration system unveiled by TROIKA

Troika Systems has launched SurfaceCAM Calibration Program (SCP), an accurate calibration system for its two applications used by coating and embossing converters.

The Low Screen Anilox QC and the Engraving QC applications now have an accurate mathematically proven, simple to use calibration application for use on the SurfaceCAM 3D scanning microscope.  SurfaceCAM captures data for analysis by the Low Screen Anilox QC and the Engraving QC applications.

The system enables users of low screen (70 lpcm / 180lpi and below) chrome, ceramic, steel or other material users to ensure the depth and volume of the embossing or coating cylinders are correctly measured when using either the Low Screen Anilox or Engraving applications.

Phil Hall, managing director of Troika Systems stated: “Often, users need to ensure the calibration of their test equipment for annual certification which is required for ISO purposes. The SurfaceCAM only needs calibration annually but we find some users like to check the calibration every three to six months for peace of mind. This development will ensure correct and accurate calibration of these quality control systems.”

Converters can now ensure their embossing rolls are correctly engraved and that the embossing remains within specification for a job. Furthermore, coating rolls can now be accurately measured for wear and consistency across a roll, thus ensuring the correct metering of the ink or other consumable to the substrate.

In both cases converters are finding that knowing that their rolls and cylinders are clean and within a working tolerance is making a significant reduction in waste and faster set up times which are helping to improve production and profitability.