Ink Proofing – Mini Anilox Roll Holder

Ink Kitchens use mini aniloxes at the first stage of ink proofing to ensure correct configuration for a print run.  If these mini aniloxes are out of specification or not in good condition it will lead to incorrectly configured ink.  The optional Mini Anilox Roll Holder allows the user to check the condition of these mini aniloxes, consequently ensuring optimal ink configuration for a press run.



Special adapter to allow readings of mini anilox rolls with very small diameters.  This holder is designed to allow readings of mini aniloxes – e.g. used by ink proofer test equipment.


It consists of two parts. The base system supports the larger test anilox rolls with a diameter of 63 mm (2.48”).


A separate holder slides into the base system and supports the smaller mini aniloxes used in the hand-held test units with a diameter 25 mm (0.98”).




Ink Kitchen – Mini Anilox Roll Holder Brochure