Gravure QC

Why Gravure Cylinder Quality Control?

There are many variables to control in a press shop and therefore the printer has historically adjusted inks on press to achieve the density of colour required. One critical variable is the performance of the gravure cylinder and up until now, the engraving quality or condition has been unknown to the printer, making it impossible to know whether the engraving or cell volumes are matched and optimised for press set up.

Gravure QC with AniCAM simply and easily visually checks the engraving quality and measures the volume of the cells and records the data to provide viable and practical information for the gravure cylinder engraver and printer.




Benefits of Gravure Cylinder Quality Control

For the engraver

  • Engravers can measure the actual opening, depth and cell volume on copper, and subsequently chrome cells, to control quality and consistency during the manufacturing process
  • Engravers can visualise and measure in detail the performance of the engraving process to further improve quality consistency
  • With the Stylus measurement option engravers can also check the condition and angles of their STYLUS inventory



For the gravure printer

  • Quality of worn, refurbished and replaced cylinders can be compared to the original; important when establishing set up for print
  • Eliminate or replace cylinders that would require unnecessary ink adjustment
  • Check for variation across the width of the cylinder due to wear
  • Ongoing monitoring of the cylinder for condition and effectiveness of the cleaning system
  • Effective planning and inventory management of cylinders for refurbishment
  • Reduce ink and substrate waste through reduced ink matching and press set up times
  • Increase job profitability



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