FlexoPlate QC

Why FlexoPlate & Sleeve Quality Control?

Particularly useful in the flexible packaging, label and corrugated sectors, where accurate half tone dot percentage readings as well as relief inspection and depth/ height measurement is needed, Troika provides an easy to use solution to ensuring consistent plate and sleeve quality control.


The Troika AniCAM simply measures the dot profile and archives the information to provide a viable and practical solution for the flexo printer.




Benefits of Plate or Sleeve Measurement

  • Identify through analysis plates or sleeves that are defective
  • Minimise on press ink and substrate waste through poor quality control
  • Ability to check supplier performance and claim credit when defects occur
  • Verify that plates and / or sleeves are properly calibrated ensuring jobs are faultless prior to mounting
  • Ability to identify brittleness and damage before production minimising waste and downtime
  • Increase job profitability through increased uptime and minimised waste


To find out more about Troika plate and sleeve solutions please email sales@troika-systems.com or call +44 (0) 1793 766355


Flexoplate QC with AniCAM 3D Scanner

AniCAM Certification Package