…the ideal duplex proofing solution


What is VersoProof?


Troika's VersoProof is a simple to use, low cost, double-sided imposition proofing solution based on the current range of Epson large format printers. It is used to produce data accurate, color accurate, in register duplexed impositions of jobs for production or sales purposes.

VersoProof is known to give a return on its investment in just weeks:

P      through reducing costly errors throughout the print process from design to finishing;

P      as a production tool saving valuable production time and consumable costs;

P      and as a valuable sales tool where mockups are sold as part of a job, creating a positive revenue stream.

Data integrity is assured with the VersoProof interface capturing data from all industry standard RIPs and WorkFlows in a variety of formats.

VersoProof application is used to capture front and back imposition, align them and centralise them on a sheet of dual coated inkjet paper. Having captured the front and back impositions as a pair, it processes them together to ensure they are centralised on the paper size selected, accurately aligned front to back, and finally sent to an Epson printer for printing.

Two types of duplexing papers are offered: a Satin finish which when converted into a dummy or mockup of a job is hard to distinguish from the final printed copy, and a matt paper for in house job checking purposes.

VersoProof is a leading product for reducing proofing bottlenecks and achieving high quality, data accurate jobs, which are increasingly demanded in the industry.



VersoProof-supported Printers




Resolution 720 or 360 dpi




P      VersoProof is integrated into your workflow, between your RIP and Epson printer to produce double-sided imposition proofs.

P      No modification of the printer necessary.

P      The front and back impositions are aligned to the centre of the sheet, using one sheet for both sides; accuracy better than 1 mm.

P      Automatic centring of the impositions onto the sheet for ease of folding into a dummy.

P      Proofing time is the same as standard Epson print time for job, plus 10 seconds per side to load the paper.

P      Visual display of the printed jobs.

P      Preview of the two impositions as if viewing through a transparent foil, to soft proof it.

P      The ideal solution to print your duplex jobs for the newspapers, the magazines and the models of packaging, etc.

The main benefits of VersoProof double-sided imposition proofing are in production saving through early error detection, profit generation by selling the proof with the job, and finally, it has proven an effective sales tool, when a colour accurate, content accurate dummy is presented to the customer.



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