Coating (Low Screen Anilox)

Easy to use and portable Scanning Microscope

The SurfaceCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is a very professional instrument, it’s operation is very simple: For measurements place the portable system on top of your engraved roll/cylinder, select the appropriate setup and click in the 3D-Scan button to get a full reading.

The image will then be transferred to an Analysis window, which simultaneously displays the info page with the volume and depth readings. The system generates a report which can be printed or the data can be exported to a database or spreadsheet program for further analysis.



AMS and CMS compatibility

Anilox QC and Engraving QC readings can be exported to Troika’s Anilox Management System (AMS) and Cylinder Management System (CMS). These database applications enables the printer to fully manage his Anilox and cylinder inventory by tracking the wear, volume and variance of each roll. Over a period of time the roll history identifies wear on the rolls. This information can lead to reduced setup time and ink adjustment – increasing the availability of the presses.

SurfaceCAM Brochure here

LS Anilox QC with SurfaceCAM 3D Scanner

SCP Calibration System