Anilox QC Options

Hardware Options




X-Axis Micro Adjustment

This requirement is essential for Gravure and Anilox engravers and has been requested by many of their printer customers.

Updating a standard AniCAM unit* can be done by any moderately practical person and takes just a few minutes.

The option includes Teflon tape to put under the radial lighting foot which prevents damage to a cylinder when the micro-adjuster moves the analysis head laterally across the cylinder.


Magnetic Mounts

The magnetic holder attaches to one of the AniCAM legs to allow the AniCAM to be used at up to 45° from the vertical. Typically used in corrugated presses.

It is made with a synthetic leather jacket to prevent damage to the cylinder, and 2 strong magnets to ensure the AniCAM is securely attached to the cylinder.


Magnetholder on big roll Magnetholder on smaller roll


Roll Stands

A pair of solid non-slip rubber support stands (W140 x H100 x D 70mm) help to safely position and fix an anilox roll or gravure cylinder for secure readings or inspection.




Software Options


Comparison Report

A report generator allowing the user to compare the differences between an original reference measurement values and the latest current measurement values

Comparison Report

Complex Cells

An optional software module for volume and geometric measurement of non-hexagonal cells allows measurement of any type of engraving. For example, tri-helical, wave form, asymmetric and combinations of different engravings.

For measurement of non hexagonal closed cell structures, and for open structures such as tri-helical engravings.


Foil Strip Analysis

Press-O-Film Analysis; used for geometric measurements and volume analysis of Press-o-Film foil strips.






Calibration, Maintenance and Technical Service Support Packages

Troika Systems provide a range of online and offline support packages for its customers, as well as a volume calibration service. For more information, please complete the technical support enquiry form.