ACP AniCAM Certification Package

ACP Brochure

The AniCAM Certification Package (ACP) is one of the latest developments from Troika Systems; it allows our customers to auto-calibrate and certify an AniCAM system.

It consists of an application designed to allow the customer to carry out primary tests on the unit, including mechanical, optical and electronic testing and a full calibration and certification of the unit, facilitating self–certification and calibration plate with embedded certified spheres and optical graticule.

ISO Certification

The self certification process is designed to be completed annually and is specifically designed to reduce costs and downtime by having to return the unit to the manufacturer.

The certification process is easy to perform. You simply start the application on the PC/Laptop and follow the instructions i.e. by placing the AniCAM on top of the calibration tool and adjust for targeting the requested section. Then start the corresponding calibration and certification routine.